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Hair color at home: how to do the dye yourself

How to dye your hair at home

Hair color at home: how to do the dye yourself

You cannot imagine how many times, since we have been in this pandemic, our clients have come to us because they were in trouble with their hair. Not being able to go to your trusted hairdresser, take your time and do the usual retouching of the base can be experienced as a little big problem.

Maintaining the color and tone of your hair certainly requires the touch of expert hands. However, it is possible to limit the damage with do-it-yourself operations by following some rules and perhaps using quality products.
Therefore, given the quarantines and given the situation that alternates closures and reopenings of hairdressers depending on the trend of infections in the regions, I thought it might be useful to collect some simple tips to keep the color at its best and take care of your hair even if you are at home. I have summarized it all in five fundamental things.

Hair color: Equipment and products

Equip yourself with the right equipment to always keep at hand in case of need. Then go to a hairdressing supply store and buy a bowl, brush, plastic tail comb, plastic cape, paper towel and, of course, your color with the respective 20-volume activator. If needed, contact us at Moodhairlab.

Height of tone

Coming to the more technical aspects, it will be essential to accurately determine the tone of your base. Here too, if you don’t know how to extricate yourself, contact us and we will guide you.

Type of coloring

Choose carefully which type of coloring to use, whether with or without ammonia, and adjust accordingly with the twenty-volume activator.

Additions to color

If you want a natural base, always add a part of ash color to the mixture if you want to prevent the color from turning towards warm tones, vice versa if you want a color with warm reflections, add a part of the color of the desired reflection.

How to apply color to hair

I recommend applying the color by making sections of half a centimeter and starting from the front area and then moving to the back area of the hair. Wait 30/35 minutes and that’s it.
Clearly each type of hair and every color is different but these rules are quite universal and can help you if, for one reason or another, you cannot go to the hairdresser and you have to do the dye at home.
We at Moodhairlab will always be available to advise you and give you all the information to keep the color at home and safeguard the beauty of your hair.
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