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Haircut & Blow-Out


Getting a new haircut and a new blowout will renew your style. Hairstyle isn’t everything in life, but a good blow-out and a professional haircut made with passion can valorize your personality, making you feel more at ease with yourself.

Haircut and blow-out need to be creatively and meticulously studied and imagined and only a high-level hairdresser will be able to shape the hairstyle of your dreams for every moment of your life.

Quality, passion, experience and convenience are the rules for getting the perfect Haircut and blow-out for your hair.

The hairdresser in Rome that will satisfy your desires (and also the ones of your hair) is our Moodhairlab hairsalon.

Our clients trust our competence to obtain spectacular results in their hairstyle creation and cure. The exterior image, no matter what everyone says, is important and it always needs to be renewed with new hairstyles in order to live harmoniously with ourselves

Do you need to blow-out your hair? Do you want a new haircut? Are you thinking about revolutionizing yourself? Come by our hair-salon in the centre of Rome. Make a phone call now and come visit us. You will also be able to take advantage of our hairdresser offers.

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Hair Dye & Streaks


Colors influence your life. Without colors, everything would be much more boring and that’s the reason we sometimes feel the need of giving our hair a new color. Changing the hair color means changing a little bit of what you are and beginning a new phase. This is the reason why you have to entrust yourself to expert hands, able to recognize the needs of your hair and your skin.

Moodhairlab is the hairdresser in Rome where you will be able to be accompanied in this little big change. Whether it is a hair dye, streaks or highlights, here at our salon in Rome’s centre you will find high-end products and hands that will attentively care about your style. All of this also paired with simplicity and convenience. Are you looking for a hairdresser salon in Rome? Come by Moodhairlab.

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Male Aircut & Barber Corner

Give the best to your hair

Choose Moodhairlab’s Barber Corner. For the well-being of your hair there is need for maximum quality: adequate treatments, optimal and maximum care to cultivate one of the fundamental traits of the male image. The hair, in fact. It doesn’t take much to update your look and give your personality a new cut.

Moodhairlab is the hairdresser for men in Rome that will give you the highest quality allowing you to always have a neat and original look.

At the salon you will find a corner dedicated to the barber in which we use only the products of the best brands like Reuzel, Solomon’s Beard and Suavecito.

By booking an appointment at our hairdresser in Rome’s centre, you will have a fast and convenient service in a friendly, comfortable environment. Are you looking for a hairdresser salon in Rome? Come by Moodhairlab.

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Below you will find the price of our main services for the care and style of your hair. Don’t forget that in some cases you can take advantage of our hairdressing offers! Remember that for all our services, the blow-out is mandatory.


  • Anti-frizzy hair treatment

    keratin without formaldehyde
  • Balayage

  • Blow-out

    Short / Medium / Long
  • Child haircut

    male - up to 12 years
  • Child haircut

    female - up to 12 years
  • Fashion hair dye

  • Hair dye

    without ammonia
  • Hair dye

    (tone on tone)
  • Hair dye

  • Hair straightening

  • Hair stretching

  • Hair up

    Starting from € 30
  • Haircut + Blow-out

    Blow-out is mandatory
  • Henna

  • Highlight enhancer

  • Highlights

  • Hot hair stretching

  • Make Up

  • Man haircut

  • Perm

  • Services on request (dread locks & extensions)

  • Shatush

  • Special treatment

    specific and reconstruction
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