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Opal hair: trend 2017 also by Moodhairlab


Opal hair: trend 2017 also by Moodhairlab

Opal hair: what are they?

The meaning comes directly from the world of precious stones. In fact, the opal is a noble whitish mineral with reflections ranging from bluish to brown to golden shades. A real prism projected on a lighter background.

Translated into the language of hair, opal is the trend color of 2017: many of our customers ask us to switch to opal-colored hair and we are convinced that we can say that we are an excellence for the opal of hairdressers in Rome. We see it from the smile of satisfaction with which those who choose us leave the salon with its new look.

Like the mineral, even the hair, once colored, has the property of opalescence: new light and light reflections of one’s favorite color, on a hairstyle that we could describe as a color between white, gray and blond.

Opal hair is the result of careful work, which synthesizes many elements of color. Opal, first of all, makes sense only if in the coloring of the hair it starts from an already very clear base. If this base is not there, it will have to be set up before moving to the opal. Once the base is fixed, the opal color can be passed along the hair horizontally or vertically.

Once the color has passed, you will have a strong, fresh and determined image. The hair will be innovative, modern and elegant. All this, however, without excesses, also thanks to the colored reflections that make the whole thing safer.

The products used by Moodhairlab to obtain the opal hair color are of the highest quality. To find out about opal treatment costs and to find out which is the best way to “opalize” your hair, come and visit us in the salon. We will be happy to offer you our advice.

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