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How is the curtain bangs and where to do it in Rome


How is the curtain bangs and where to do it in Rome

One of the cuts that our customers continue to love and ask us most is the so-called curtain bangs (frangia a tendina ‘alla francese’ in Italian), which was widespread in the seventies and has come back into fashion in recent times (as well as the mullet, which we have talked about a few time ago).

Let’s see together how the curtain bangs is made, why it is nicknamed ‘French style’ in Italy and for whom it is more suitable. Finally, reminding you that here in the salon we are always available not only for the haircut but also to always keep your hair at its best, I will give you some simple advice on how to take care of the bangs by yourself at home.

In the meantime, I give you the answer on the nickname of the cut, which is defined as ‘French curtain bangs’ because it is very popular among the women of the country beyond the Alps, after having been crystallized forever thanks to the beauty of an icon like Brigitte Bardot , who adopted it and made it famous.

Even admiring the photos of the great actress, it is clear that the curtain bangs is a naturally messy cut, with a young and jaunty soul, where the locks slide along the contours of the face, giving femininity and showing off the features. The bangs of this type is long and, with a game of gradual scaling, tends to open frontally as you get to the central part of the face.

Yes, but who is good with the curtain bangs? The cut is certainly suitable for medium and long hair but it can be adapted, with the necessary precautions that our hairdressers will be able to apply, even to those with shorter hair. As for the type of face, the curtain bangs fit perfectly especially in the case of more rounded shapes; those with more elongated features are recommended to make a slightly more accentuated central scaling in order to maintain adequate proportions between cut and physiognomy and guarantee a high quality result.

Finally, I leave you a few lines with some ideas that will help you keep the curtain bangs on your own. There is only one basic principle, it is simple and it is among the reasons why many customers of our salon ask us for this cut: to maintain the style of the bangs you don’t need to do much. Just let the hair grow (among other things, the length of the hair is one of the key points of this modern reinterpretation of the curtain bangs) and the cut will naturally adapt to the shape of the face and head. If you want to vary, you can align the bangs laterally and make this a tuft capable of transmitting lightness and personality.

If in view of the summer you want to try the curtain bangs, come and visit us in the hairsalon or contact us and we will tell you if it is the most suitable option for you with all the tips to get the result that best meets your expectations.

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