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McDonald’s bangs: trend of the moment


McDonald’s bangs: trend of the moment

Dear readers of the blog of our hairdresser Mood Hair Lab, today I’m talking to you about the wispy bangs which, non-experts, friendly call ” bangs M for McDonald’s”cut that is literally becoming popular among celebrities and influencers and that our salon clients are asking us for more and more often.

Let’s try to clarify things!

In the meantime, let’s say something about the name. Why wispy bangs are called McDonald’s M bangs (or simply “M bangs” or “McDonald’s bangs”)? Nothing could be simpler: the cut and hairstyle reproduce the shape of the famous fast food chain. And the effect is truly beautiful and innovative! This is not a simple fringe and will clearly need to be calibrated to the shape of each face and the type of hair. But the common element is precisely this “m” that contours the forehead creating a fresh, original and innovative movement.

We have already told you about the French curtain fringe (curtain bangs), the shaggy bob< /a> and other cuts that have come back into fashion in recent months. But what’s so special about this fringe? And how can we adapt it to our personal style? Let’s find out together!

McDonald’s M-shaped bangs: what the wispy bang is and how it is made

The M-shaped fringe of McDonald’s, as we were saying, takes its name from its geometry which recalls the famous American fast food brand. It is nothing more than an asymmetrical fringe, with a rounded “M” shape.

But how do you get the M-shaped fringe that resembles the symbol of the most famous hamburger in the world? As we always reiterate, every hair is different, has a different structure and every face has its own uniqueness. So there is no pre-built one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are some fundamental steps that are repeated every time:

  1. The shape: the key to getting McDonald’s M bangs is shape. Yes, because this must be clear and must have well-defined lines that can only be drawn with professionally made scissors.
  2. La length: the fringe can be very variable in length. However, we believe that the best result is achieved with a short or not too long fringe. The ideal is that this ends at the height of the eyebrows or just before. The image you get is that of a bold and modern look.
  3. The symmetry: this type of fringe may not be perfectly symmetrical but it will be essential to guarantee the correct balance between the two sides of the hair and the way in which they fall on the face. Therefore, make sure that both sides are the same and that the “M” is clearly visible.
  4. The styling: To keep your McDonald’s M-shaped bangs in perfect order every day, it is advisable to use a round brush or a wide-toothed comb. If you wish, you can also apply a little gel or wax to fix the shape (but don’t overdo it!).

How to match McDonald’s M bangs to your style?

Now that you know a little more about this trend, we would like to suggest how to adapt it to your style and tastes. We have thought of three types of Mc Donald’s M-shaped bangs:

  1. Rock look: if you love a rock look, you can dare with a shorter and more drawn out fringe on which you can add a few colored locks to create an effect of greater volume and movement. Trust us: you will be ready for any stage!
  2. Vintage look: if you like a more Seventies look and perhaps inspired by iconic actresses of that period such as that of Farrah Fawcett when she played Jill Munroe in Charlie’s Angels, it means that you are looking for a touch of vintage. Therefore, focus on a longer and very voluminous fringe. Tell your hairdresser (or ask us if you choose us) to slightly curl the ends to enhance the retro effect.
  3. Minimalist look: minimalism is one of the current trends if more and more people are convinced that “less is more”. Even in the case of M-shaped bangs this can be true and if you prefer a minimalist look, keep the bangs short and clean. This way you will let the shape speak for you and be just a frame to highlight your face.

Call us for any advice on M-shaped bangs: we will be happy to help you

The McDonald’s M-fringe is a fun and original trend that can give a touch of freshness to your look. Be bold, experiment and have fun with your new haircut!

We at Mood Hair Lab are working and experimenting a lot on this cut and the results (the smiles of our customers say so) are much appreciated. Call us for simple advice or to make an appointment (and remember that we have various promotions for you!)

Happy bangs everyone! 🍟💇‍♀️

Credits: Photo by Caleb George su Unsplash

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